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LED based landscape lights provide a number of distinct efficiency and practical advantages. Because of these advantages, LED optimization is the future of the industry.

Energy Efficiency

Halogen based lights can take anywhere between 10 and 50 watts of power each, and sometimes more. LED fixtures require roughly 80% less voltage, which means lower energy costs, longer lamp life, and better environmental citizenship for the end user.

Heat Reduction

As their watt consumption is significantly higher, traditional fixtures become very hot, so much so they cannot be touched after running for only a few minutes. LEDs create heat as well, but far less than traditional lighting. This results in a longer lamp and fixture life.

Fixture Life Length

Depending on the application LEDs can last 50,000 hours or more. At the end of their life they don’t just burn out like a traditional lights. LEDs slowly dim over time and at very low levels, so even after 50,000 hours of use in most situations LEDs will continue to illuminate sufficiently.

3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design

3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design

It is our favorite time of year again….spring! We truly believe that the right landscape design, complimented with the right lighting design makes your Outdoor Living Space stand out in the pack. The right landscape lighting allows you to accent certain parts of your yard.

Here are 3 Tips for Incorporating Lighting in Your Landscape Design.

Incorporate lighting as part of your plan: Bring your “lighting guy” in early during the design process to ensure that the right lighting can highlight your landscape design. By including  the lighting designer early, you ensure that the proper lighting and materials will be seamlessly integrated into your overall design vision.

Landscape lighting experience: Make sure your “lighting guy” understands sound design principles, this is where the magic happens. There may be areas you want to light but aren’t sure what else a true designer may see that will accent your entire backyard.

Using the space: Be sure to communicate how you and your family will use the various spaces, this will help your designer plan on where to focus and how to bring your outdoor living spaces to life.

Landscape lighting not only beautifies your home and increases its value, it also provides safety and security. See how great landscape lighting design helps make your Outdoor living space beautiful.

Complimentary Demonstration

Complimentary Demonstration

We proudly provide a wide variety of different lighting types that can suit any styled home or business, and we are happy to show you how the right lights will make your home, driveway, yard, office, restaurant or other commercial or residential establishment more attractive and safe.  Our company offers complimentary demonstrations where we set up 5-8 of our beautiful residential and commercial lighting setups for a week.  For more information, please contact us.


Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial Landscape Lighting

  • Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting is essential for any type of property because it makes homes safer, illuminates walkways and enhances curb appeal. As important as the right lighting is for private homes, it’s even more important for businesses. Finding the right lighting for your Texas business can also make your property more attractive, and it lowers the risks of liabilities. Turn to our team for all of your commercial lighting needs in the Texas Area.


  • Products

We proudly provide a wide variety of different lighting types that can suit any business, and we are happy to show you how the right lights will make your office, restaurant or other commercial establishment more attractive and safe.


  • Showcase Your Building

Visitors who are seeing your business for the very first time may search the Internet and see what your building looks like before coming to your store in person. However, they won’t be able to see it in the dark. With the proper property illumination, guests will immediately know that they are in the right location when they pull into the parking lot. Whether you’ve got an apartment community, retail store, funeral home, or restaurant, it’s essential to showcase your property’s best features, so visitors can see even at night.


  • Protect Your Customers and Staff

While it may be virtually impossible to keep criminal elements away from your business, you want to make sure that your workers and clients have a safe entry to your premises. With proper exterior lighting, you can keep criminals away because they prefer dimly lit places. Additionally, you can make sure that your team members and customers can easily find their way through your parking lot while it’s dark outside.



Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential lighting services

Residential lighting in a landscape expands living space to the outdoors, provides safety as well as added security to your residence.

Check out the benefits of installing exterior landscape lighting

Illuminate and Display Your Home

Adding outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your home grounds well into the night, any time of the year.

Lighting can be used to emphasize a single feature or to showcase many at the same time and can be focused high up into the trees or close to the ground.

Safety for Everyone

Installing lighting focused on stairs, driveways, and paths are both attractive and practical. If these areas are cluttered or overgrown, sufficient lighting can reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls.

Furthermore, it’s an effective security measure since a well-lit landscape eliminates hiding places for burglars and other predators.

Professional outdoor lighting experts have the skills to transform landscapes for nighttime use. Advanced Illuminations is equipped to handle projects of all sizes.

We come fully equipped to take on lighting projects of any magnitude and have created beautiful, well-lit landscapes employing an array of different setups.

Our company prides itself on its creativity and versatility in helping homeowners develop an appropriate and visually appealing residential lighting solution.