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Houston Commercial Landscape Lighting

Houston Commercial Landscape Lighting

Houston is a large city full of residential and commercial structures. Make your business stand out with help from Advanced Illuminations of Texas – your Houston commercial landscape lighting provider. See the difference the right lighting package can make in your building’s appearance. Beauty isn’t the only benefit from commercial landscape lighting. Let Advanced Illuminations of Texas show you the light.

Employee Safety

If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait a minute. Good commercial landscape lighting provides employee safety during inclement weather in any season. Walkways, parking lots, and employee entrances are areas where the right lighting prevents accidents when the weather is bad.

Building Security

Beautiful commercial landscape lighting also means added building security. Parking lots, walkways, main and side entrances, loading dock roller doors, and alleys benefit from extra illumination. Good lighting can keep the bad at bay.

Structural Features

Prominent structural features like columns or special facades can also benefit. Multi-story columns benefit from uplighting, while windowless walls or heavily windowed walls can enjoy a combination of uplighting and downlighting. 

Advanced Illuminations of Texas are your go-to Houston commercial landscape lighting professionals. Get more from your structure with the right commercial landscape lighting today!

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

Everyone is demanding more of their homes, so now is the perfect time to ask, “Can my home deliver everything we need?” Your home is now a sanctuary, office, school, and sometimes vacation space. Demand for home improvements is driving a boom in home renovations. But before you add a theater room to your house, consider the possibilities of your outdoor spaces. Advanced Illuminations of Texas can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Modern Fixtures

Think outside the LED security light for a moment. Modern fixtures can offer uplighting, downlighting, accents, and different temperatures depending on your needs. You will be surprised what the right residential landscape lighting can do for your social spaces in every season.

Outdoor Spaces

Grilling areas, decks, firepits, and sporting areas are ideal spaces to illuminate. Create the perfect social distancing gathering spot and reconnect with your family, friends, and neighbors. Your fun outdoor spaces deserve to have nightlife too.

Staycation Space

If you have a pool, you have the perfect canvass for a staycation space. Invest in residential landscape lighting and some tropical plants, and you can have a vacation without ever losing your luggage – or your patience. Maintaining your lifestyle no matter the situation is key.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces with residential landscape lighting from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Get the most out of your home and enjoy your time there.

Residential Landscape Pathway Lighting

Residential Landscape Pathway Lighting

When putting the finishing touches on your residential landscape lighting project, be sure you have the experts you need to do the job right. Advanced Illuminations of Texas has the design and installation experts you need. Find your solution to lighting outdoor living spaces and subtle specialties like residential landscape pathway lighting. See what a difference the best residential landscape lighting can make for your home.

Landscape Lighting

Now is the time to start planning your spring landscaping projects. Don’t let your hard work go to waste as soon as the sun goes down. The right landscape lighting from Advanced Illuminations of Texas can bring your hard planting work to life all night long. 

Residential Pathway Lighting

New stonework pathways deserve to be seen in the right light. The right residential pathway lighting can cast the right glow onto your pathways. An artistic job like this needs an expert. Too much light, improper downlighting, or a patchwork of dark spots are never an issue when you work with the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas.

Lighting Design

There are many new fixtures available for the look you are going for, and you won’t find all of them in the big box store. Whether you want a modern, classic, or anything in between, you can have it all when you plan your project with the right experts. 

Make your residential landscape pathway lighting perfect with Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Make your home look the best around the clock.

Residential Lighting Isn’t DIY

Residential Lighting Isn’t DIY

You can find outdoor lighting solutions at every Big Box store. But should you look for the right finishing touches on your outdoor lighting design in the same place you buy paint, mops, and lawnmowers? Advanced Illuminations of Texas are the lighting professionals your residential lighting project needs to be done right. 

Residential Landscape Lighting

Just like bad lighting can ruin a date, bad lighting can make a mess of your home’s exterior appearance. Advanced Illuminations of Texas considers the natural shapes of your home and landscaping to create the ideal lighting plan. 

Lighting Design

Homes need warmer “redder” lighting, whereas trees need cooler or “bluer” light to bring out their natural colors. What temperature of light does your home need? Advanced Illuminations of Texas knows. Let their experts bring out every curve, angle, and overhang to get the welcoming effect you want.

Premium Fixtures

Knowing what color of light to use is useless unless you are current on the latest landscape lighting technology available. Big Box stores don’t necessarily stock the latest cutting edge designs. Advanced Illuminations of Texas can pick the right premium lighting fixtures your lighting design needs. Getting things picture-perfect is what residential landscape lighting is all about. 

Residential lighting isn’t DIY friendly. That is why you need the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas to create the design your home deserves.