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Are You Overdue for an Upgrade?

Are You Overdue for an Upgrade?

As hectic as the last year has been, now is the perfect time to ask if you’re overdue for an upgrade to your home. The right residential landscape lighting planned and installed by Advanced Illuminations of Texas is the best move to bring new life to your home. See the difference fantastic residential landscape lighting can make to your home and backyard social spaces.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential landscape lighting can change the look and feel of your home as soon as the sun goes down. Pathways, landscaping, and architectural features get a new lease on life when they’re properly lit. Don’t miss out on the nighttime personality of your beautiful home. Let Advanced Illuminations of Texas show you how.

Lifestyle Upgrade

Great residential landscape lighting can bring new life to your backyard social spaces. Keep the grill going this fourth of July with outdoor dining lighting or something unique for the poolside. However you enjoy your backyard rec areas, a great lighting package can keep the good times rolling.

Easy Maintenance

Don’t worry about having to go DIY once the lighting package is installed. Choose from several annual maintenance options that keep your new residential landscape lighting in top condition and looking great all year long. Advanced Illuminations of Texas will never leave you on your own.

If you can imagine it, the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas can design and install it. Don’t let another sunset rob you of the nighttime beauty of your home or backyard rec areas. Get the upgrade your lifestyle deserves with help from Advanced Illuminations of Texas today!

Father’s Day is June 20th

Father’s Day is June 20th

You know Dad would love new residential landscape lighting to brighten up the outdoor social spaces around the house. With Father’s Day on June 20th, you have plenty of time to contact the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas to start a plan to give Dad the perfect gift. 

Don’t Let Dad DIY

Don’t let Dad DIY on Father’s Day. Get your siblings in on the special surprise with Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Pathway lights, downlighting from the garage, or uplighting on Dad’s prize roses are the perfect gift. What will you plan to surprise Dad on Father’s Day?

Barbecue Grill Lighting

Take over the grill on Father’s Day during the evening once you have barbecue grill lighting installed. Show Dad your mastery of fire and smoke. You can also show Dad how easy it is to judge sear with the right lighting.

Jacuzzi Mood Lighting

Dad loves to relax, but so does mom. Throw in some jacuzzi mood lighting and let Mom and Dad enjoy a little quiet time. After all, you know what you and your siblings like when you were kids. Don’t they deserve a break?

Treat Dad to a new residential lighting package when you consult the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Surprise Dad with lighting for outdoor social spaces, green areas, and landscape lighting this Father’s Day.

Lighting for Residential Security

Lighting for Residential Security

Lighting for Residential Security

There’s a reason most break-ins happen when no one is home. Burglars don’t want the hassle of dealing with homeowners, and that makes their jobs much easier. But what about when you’re away at nighttime? Dark corners, poorly lit backyards, and dark driveways offer plenty of places for crime to remain concealed. Don’t be next. Let the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas shed light on making your home safer with residential landscape lighting.

Security Lighting

It’s easy to imagine a searchlight on a guard tower slowly sweeping your property when you imagine security lighting. But the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas can create the right lighting package for your property without making it look like a prison yard. Security lighting can be tasteful. Safe and beautiful is a stunning lighting combination.

Residential Landscape Lighting

The light you add to a beloved tree in your front yard or grilling area in your backyard can work wonders for security. Crime loves the shadows. Illuminated pathways, well-lit driveways, and landscape lighting around the home steal all the hiding places criminals need at night.

Safety Lighting

Good residential landscape lighting doubles as safety lighting. When your family wants to enjoy their outdoor social spaces, walkway lighting makes sure your family stays surefooted. Driveway and downlighting can welcome your family home late at night and keep unwanted surprises away.

Discover how beautiful lighting for residential security can be when you talk to the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Let them shed light on making your home safer and more beautiful today!


Summer Fun is Around the Corner

Summer Fun is Around the Corner

Summer Fun is Around the Corner

Summer fun is around the corner. Are your outdoor spaces ready to party? Whether your summer fun includes spending time by the pool, graduation parties, or even a wedding, you can make sure you are prepared with help fromAdvanced Illuminations of Texas. They have a plan for your perfect residential outdoor landscape lighting.

Summer Fun

There are a few flavors of outdoor landscape lighting that can be unforgettable. Pathways to the fun, water features, and large social spaces are keys to a good time. Let the kids play on a well-lit basketball court while the adults gather in the outdoor kitchen.

Water Features

Whether you are adding poolside lights or need some fun lights on your fountain, Advanced Illuminations of Texas can put together the lighting package you need. Pulling from hundreds of fixture sources, they can bring the right light to your water feature for the perfect effect once the sun goes down.

Social Spaces After Dark

Rising temps but cool nights mean the hot tub doesn’t need to be covered just yet. Set the mood in your outdoor bubbler with downlighting and maybe a little uplighting in the right temperatures for the perfect look. Let your imagination run wild.

Summer fun is around the corner, and Advanced Illuminations of Texas is ready for whatever lighting needs you may have. Go wild. They can make your residential landscape lighting dreams come true.