You don’t stop thinking about your business once the doors close for the day, then why should it go dark once the sun goes down. Find commercial landscape lighting in Humble from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Their experts can design the right commercial landscape lighting plan that pays an ROI you will love.

Added Security

A hard fact of life for every business is security. Get more bang for your buck with commercial landscape lighting that gives added security. Decorative lighting around entryways, windows, and architectural features removes any potential hiding places and gives you peace of mind.


Let everyone know your name around the clock. If local codes don’t allow illuminated lot signs, you can always shine lights on static banners on your building. Also, there’s nothing wrong with reminding your neighbors about your services with a bit of help from beautiful commercial landscape lighting.

Employee Safety

Illuminated pathways and parking lots tell your employees you care. Nobody likes walking into or through the dark. But walkway and lot lighting doesn’t have to look bleak either. Warm and friendly lighting that is welcoming and bright is well within the expertise of Advanced Illuminations of Texas.

Get commercial landscape lighting in Humble that goes above and beyond a DIY kit. Cast your business in the best light with help from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Contact them today!

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