Residential and commercial landscape lighting have much in common. Both can add a unique charm to even older structures, sparing the expense of new construction or perennial landscaping. Best of all, however, commercial landscape lighting can add an element of subtle but effective security. Creating a safe environment for your late night employees without creating an overbearing climate. See what our experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas can create for your commercial structure. Every landscape lighting project is installed with a dedication to quality.

Commercial Landscape Security Lighting

Nobody likes walking up to a darkened building, except elements you would rather not be there. The right commercial landscape security lighting can give you the security you need in a warm and decorative lighting package. Lit sidewalks, entryways, and parking lots are just the beginning. Landscape lighting can work with your existing perennial floral designs and natural spaces to ensure there are no dark corners for danger to lurk.
Best of all, our experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas can offer the right maintenance package to keep your commercial structure looking great around the clock. Can your older structure use a facelift? See what the right lighting can do for you.

Discover the security professional commercial landscape lighting can provide to your structure. Let us at Advanced Illuminations of Texas demonstrate how the right lighting can make all the difference.

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