The internet has done amazing things for do-it-yourselfers. Some of their results are truly amazing. But when it comes to landscape lighting, there are some pitfalls to avoid that only the pros know. Realize the potential of your property with residential landscape lighting design from Advanced Illuminations of Texas.

Garden Lights

What’s in a lighting plan? Say you want to shine a light on your prize-winning begonias or rose bushes. Which will you choose, flood, spot, bullet, uplighting, or downlighting? Sure, a DIYer could look it up or plow through trial and error to get the right effect. Or, they could call the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas.


Love the tree lighting at the botanical garden? There’s a lot of planning that goes into adequately lighting trees. Leave something out or shine a bulb at the wrong temperature and what you see at night is more plant monster than heirloom oak. 

Garden Paths

The right light makes all the difference, whether you have pebble gravel pathways or river stone garden surrounds. What fixtures and bulb temperature also matter. The experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas have all the answers you need to get the most from your property.

When it comes to DIY vs. pro, you can’t go wrong with the pros at Advanced Illuminations of Texas to show you the light. Let them plan your residential landscape lighting and get more than you imagined was possible. Contact them today!

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