You know Dad would love new residential landscape lighting to brighten up the outdoor social spaces around the house. With Father’s Day on June 20th, you have plenty of time to contact the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas to start a plan to give Dad the perfect gift. 

Don’t Let Dad DIY

Don’t let Dad DIY on Father’s Day. Get your siblings in on the special surprise with Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Pathway lights, downlighting from the garage, or uplighting on Dad’s prize roses are the perfect gift. What will you plan to surprise Dad on Father’s Day?

Barbecue Grill Lighting

Take over the grill on Father’s Day during the evening once you have barbecue grill lighting installed. Show Dad your mastery of fire and smoke. You can also show Dad how easy it is to judge sear with the right lighting.

Jacuzzi Mood Lighting

Dad loves to relax, but so does mom. Throw in some jacuzzi mood lighting and let Mom and Dad enjoy a little quiet time. After all, you know what you and your siblings like when you were kids. Don’t they deserve a break?

Treat Dad to a new residential lighting package when you consult the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Surprise Dad with lighting for outdoor social spaces, green areas, and landscape lighting this Father’s Day.

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