Even a competent DIY expert can install landscape lighting. But with every new project comes the inevitable maintenance. When you start with Houston landscape lighting experts Advanced Illuminations of Texas, maintenance almost takes care of itself. After installing your new residential lighting from Advanced Illuminations of Texas, you can enjoy the evening face of your home and breathe new life into outdoor social spaces. Let Advanced Illuminations of Texas handle everything that needs to be done to your outdoor lighting package so you can spend your time enjoying your home.

Annual Lighting Maintenance

Oil changes and annual physicals are some of the maintenance we do – when we get around to it. Luckily, Advanced Illuminations of Texas has assembled multiple lighting maintenance packages to help. Don’t spend one second worrying about changing a single bulb or trimming back a single limb to get the most out of your residential lighting. With the Downlightig Package performed every other year, you can rest easy knowing your home is in the hands of experts. It all starts with checking your system for damage because Texas weather can be brutal. After making fixture adjustments, checking the wiring, a preventative maintenance protocol goes into effect. The right maintenance package allows you to enjoy your outdoor social spaces and residential lighting for years to come.

Contact Advanced Illuminations of Texas for the right Houston landscape lighting package. Add the Downlighting maintenance package, and you can enjoy worry-free lighting year round.

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