Does your commercial building in Humble need a facelift? Do the next best thing. Add some commercial landscape lighting, and put a new face on your business. Some buildings are not glamorous. Plain buildings with sheet metal exteriors and large roll-up doors are hard to imagine dressed up. But the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas can put a new look to your plain-vanilla building and add some glam to the block.

Humble Commercial Landscape Lighting

Sheet metal buildings can be hard to decorate. Often, industry signage, banners, and advertising make up most of the exterior. But what good is decorative signage in the dead of night? With the right exterior lighting, your building can get a new look once the sun goes down. You may be surprised what the right lighting can do.

Building Signage

Flashy neons and interior illuminated signage are expensive and costly to maintain. But casting the right light onto existing signage is cheaper and better looking than you may think. Let your customers see your name day or night and remind them you are always there. Your name in lights is always something to be proud of.

Employee Security

When was the last time you advised your loved one to walk through a dark parking lot? Never, right? Don’t ask the people you depend on to do the same thing. Parking lot lights have come a long way since rust-colored sodium bulbs. Cast your employee spaces in the refreshing light of high-efficiency LEDs and save money at the same time.

Find the Humble commercial landscape lighting solutions you are looking for from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Let our experts design your next lighting project and get you the results you deserve!

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