Prep Your Outdoor Social Spaces for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. Are your outdoor social spaces ready for the occasion? Be prepared to treat mom to something wonderful on her special day with an outdoor party to remember. Add the right residential landscape lighting to your outdoor social spaces with help from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Keep the good times rolling after the sun goes down.

Outdoor Social Spaces

Illuminating your outdoor social spaces helps you keep the party going all night long. Residential landscape lighting is your key to a fantastic outdoor party. Uplighting and downlighting pathways and mom’s favorite plants create the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Barbecues and Outdoor Kitchens

Light up your outdoor kitchen and grilling area with large area lighting for tables and task lighting for the grill. Don’t forget to illuminate outdoor sinks. Undermount lighting for outdoor kitchen cabinets and accessory spaces puts your outdoor kitchen above the rest. Don’t go inside. Light up your outdoor kitchen instead.

Poolside Dining

Cast your poolside dining area in a new light. Underwater lighting is perfect when you go for a dip after sunset, but what about when you’re outside the pool? Don’t fumble around on the pool deck at night. Light up your pathways, tropical plants, and poolside dining areas with the right residential landscape lighting from Advanced Illuminations from Texas.

Prep your outdoor spaces for Mother’s Day. Call the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas and let them put a new lease on life for your outdoor social areas.

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