Residential landscape lighting maintenance is easier than ever with special packages only from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Get the most from your new lighting from Advanced Illuminations with proper upkeep. Take care of your lighting vision.


As long as bulbs last, they don’t last forever. Checking bulbs and system function is one of the steps in the Advanced Illuminations of Texas Biannual Maintenance package. Texas weather gives a beating to anything outside, including your residential landscape lighting. So beat the heat with maintenance.


Unchecked, nature will cover everything in lush vegetation. Minor trimming of plants and branches around your fixtures is an important part of keeping your landscape lighting beautiful. Unnatural shadows and obscured lighting only show neglect. Clear those branches away with help from Advanced Illuminations of Texas.


It is uncommon knowledge that ants love electricity. Whether as a natural shelter from the elements or tuned into the frequency, ants and residential landscape lighting don’t mix. Shorts and obstructions are typical when left unchecked. Leave the maintenance to the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas.

Let the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas handle your residential landscape lighting maintenance. Keep your vision alive with the proper maintenance package today!

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