You can find outdoor lighting solutions at every Big Box store. But should you look for the right finishing touches on your outdoor lighting design in the same place you buy paint, mops, and lawnmowers? Advanced Illuminations of Texas are the lighting professionals your residential lighting project needs to be done right. 

Residential Landscape Lighting

Just like bad lighting can ruin a date, bad lighting can make a mess of your home’s exterior appearance. Advanced Illuminations of Texas considers the natural shapes of your home and landscaping to create the ideal lighting plan. 

Lighting Design

Homes need warmer “redder” lighting, whereas trees need cooler or “bluer” light to bring out their natural colors. What temperature of light does your home need? Advanced Illuminations of Texas knows. Let their experts bring out every curve, angle, and overhang to get the welcoming effect you want.

Premium Fixtures

Knowing what color of light to use is useless unless you are current on the latest landscape lighting technology available. Big Box stores don’t necessarily stock the latest cutting edge designs. Advanced Illuminations of Texas can pick the right premium lighting fixtures your lighting design needs. Getting things picture-perfect is what residential landscape lighting is all about. 

Residential lighting isn’t DIY friendly. That is why you need the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas to create the design your home deserves.

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