Well-planned outdoor lighting is essential to curb appeal. The right combination of outdoor lighting fixtures highlights architecture and showcases landscaping, creating an appealing and welcoming sight to both passersby and guests alike.

Besides being attractive outdoor lighting features provide light for security and safety purposes as they protect against intruders and falls.

A combination of pathway, landscaping and entryway lighting is the recipe for a perfectly lit exterior with a lot of curb appeal.

Landscape lighting could help sell your home in the evening hours. When it’s time to sell your home, you work hard to make the outside of your homes welcoming and beautiful by selecting gorgeous blooms, plants, trees, and shrubs.

However, one aspect of landscaping that is often overlooked is outdoor lighting.

When the night falls, without properly placed lighting, the well-planned landscape design completely disappears.

After all, there is nothing quite like a soft glow of light along a pathway or a warmly lit patio to create a sense of welcome and make your property stand out from the crowd.