Now that you’ve added new exterior paint and maybe new gardening, what do you need to tie your home renovation together? Rely on the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas to pick the right fixtures for landscape lighting and cast your home in the right light. Your beautiful home deserves to be seen day or night. The right landscape lighting from Advanced Illuminations of Texas can make your improvements shine through.

Specialty Fixtures

When considering what fixtures you need, you will hear terms like downlight, flood, wash, well, bullet, and garden. Believe it or not, these are all different light fixtures that deliver beautiful effects when used correctly. So whether you are lighting a tree, home facade, or planting bed, the correct fixture helps them stand out.


The fixture you choose depends on what you want to illuminate. Lighting trees is a unique art. Well lights shining up at the trunk with a high placed downlight can show off impressive older trees with thick trunks and canopies. Younger trees can benefit from bullet or floodlights.

Home Facade

When showing off an architectural feature like exterior stonework or a bay window, a bullet or wash light is the way to go. Drawing attention with a diffuse light helps to avoid spotlighting too narrow space. Likewise, diffuse light over the home facade helps show off precisely what needs to be seen.

Planting Beds

Garden lights and planting beds go hand in hand. These typically short post lights are perfect for casting a ball of light into your well-maintained planting beds. Proper installation avoids a continuous light path and instead has a stepping-stone motif. Leaving a little darkness between fixtures is more appealing than a bed lit like an aquarium.

Let the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas show you the right fixtures for landscape lighting your property. Contact them today to see the difference fantastic landscape lighting can make in your home.

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