You have worked hard to have a house you are proud to call home. Go one step further and add the special touch only landscape lighting can give. With Advanced Illuminations of Texas, we offer landscape lighting made easy. Don’t worry about fumbling your way through the big box stores trying to figure out what lights would make your house look fantastic – we know exactly what to do. Show off your homestead in the right light, every night, with easy residential landscape lighting.

Thinking Beyond Christmas Lights

It’s easy not to think about lighting your home outside of the holidays. Although Christmas lights present their challenge, there are more days outside of the holidays that your home can be lit. Let our residential lighting experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas show you how the right lighting package can highlight your home properly for years to come. Making residential landscape lighting easier is also part of our job.  Ongoing maintenance packages are available to keep your landscape lighting in perfect working order no matter Texas weather throws at it. The right maintenance package can keep your home’s evening appearance looking good for years to come.

Discover landscape lighting made easy with our experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas. See what a difference expert lighting can make in how you enjoy your home, day, or night.