With more places opening up, it’s easy to want to get back in the swing of things. But don’t overlook your home as your go-to spot for family fun and relaxation. Transform your home with residential landscape lighting and create the sanctuary you deserve. Light your way to a peaceful nighttime getaway in your backyard. The right landscape lighting can transform your property in a way you will love. Advanced Illuminations of Texas can show you how.

Pathway Lighting

Nothing compares to the peace of an evening stroll. Transform your path around the pool or outdoor kitchen into a walk to remember with the right pathway lighting. The right pathway lighting can make every step beautiful. Modern and stylish fixtures and the right lighting temperature can create a tranquil walk in the garden at night.

Outdoor Kitchen

Keep the party going with the right lights on your outdoor kitchen. Uplighting and downlighting are key. Be sure you have all the lumens you need to check the sear on your steaks. Lighting your outdoor kitchen means hosting friends all year round.

Outdoor Rec Lighting

The right outdoor rec lighting means the kids don’t have to come inside once the sun goes down. Light your basketball hoop, tennis court, or pool with the right lighting package. Advanced Illuminations of Texas can design the right features and help you choose the right fixtures to get 24-hour enjoyment of your outdoor rec spaces.

Transform your home with residential landscape lighting from the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas. Get the sanctuary you deserve with the right lighting today!

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