The housing market in Texas is exploding. Stand out from the crowd with an upgrade that makes a difference in your bottom line. The right landscape lighting can make all the difference a new exterior paint upgrade can’t. Let the experts at Advanced Illuminations of Texas recreate your home’s nighttime appearance and help you get the most from your sale.

Houston Landscape Lighting

When you decide you need to relocate, nothing can get your home sold faster than curb appeal. Advanced Illuminations of Texas is your Houston landscape lighting solution to give your home the right upgrade. Uplighting, downlighting, pathway, and security lighting is your key for a quick move.

Outdoor Upgrades

But even if selling your home isn’t in your immediate future, making outdoor upgrades is still the right move. Summer hasn’t arrived in Texas, but temps in the upper-nineties are around the corner. Enjoy your outdoor spaces now with the right landscape lighting for your outdoor social areas.

Fixtures and Features

You may be surprised what effect the right lighting can have. Modern fixtures and bulbs featuring the latest technology can create a new impression on your home’s exterior. Warm and cool bulbs can accent pathways, plants, and fountains. Your home’s other architectural features deserve attention day and night.

Upgrade your outdoor living spaces and your entire home’s value with the right landscape lighting from Advanced Illuminations of Texas. See the difference the right lighting can make on your home.

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